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We are the dreamers,
the healers, the artists.
Hopelessly in love with the world;
We are free.
Creating magic from the Earth,
With inspiration,
from the Sea and the Sky.
We are human;
With curious minds and gypsy souls.
We wander in blue.

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Welcome to Samantha by the Sea

Our gemstones have been carefully selected based on their story;
the hands they have passed through, the colours they showcase and the healing properties they hold.

The idea is that you choose your own gemstone; the one that resonates the most with you, the one you are drawn towards.
Then, you can choose to set your new gemstone in to a ring or pendant and we will get to work, creating your new treasure.
Our settings are beautifully simple - to ensure that your unique gemstone is the centre of attention.

Each piece is handmade using 100% recycled sterling silver and each gemstone is programmed with
Master level Reiki energy to radiate Love, Light, Healing, Strength & Consciousness.
All jewels are created with intention in our home workshop and healing space, by the Sea, in beautiful Byron Bay.

Featured Gemstones

Samantha By The Sea has been created for the Wanderers and Dreamers.
For those who care passionately and feel deeply.