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We are the dreamers,
the healers, the artists.
Hopelessly in love with the world;
We are free.
Creating magic from the Earth,
With inspiration,
from the Sea and the Sky.
We are human;
With curious minds and gypsy souls.
We wander in blue.


An Ocean Poem

Samantha Smith

She’s fierce and unforgiving,
yet beautiful and calm.
Her mystery so very deep;
We’re captured by her charm.

She feeds our curiosity,
With a wondrous world to explore.
Contrasts of coloured corals,
To the darkness of her floor.

She glistens in the sunshine,
Her waves; moved by the moon.
If you listen carefully,
You’ll be embraced by her soft tune.

She has a freedom that we envy,
And a wildness we can’t control.
She holds incredible power;
Her saltwater soothes our soul.

But the fate of her future,
Is becoming awfully sad.
Humanity must be the voice,
the Ocean wish she had.

Sam Mum and Baby.jpg

Marine Conservation

Samantha Smith


Positive Change for Marine Life dismantles the old narrative that the ocean exists for us to exploit. Through their core values of understanding, education and respect, they empower communities to take action for our ocean, developing long-term initiatives which benefit the sea, as well as those who rely upon it for survival. They work with businesses, fisherfolk, community organisations, students, faith groups, activists, political institutions and individuals to realise the value of a healthy ocean and the long-term environmental, social and economic benefit that it provides.

Their key focus at present is to address marine debris and pollution, which is having a devastating impact on marine ecosystems, as well as on human health. Within this, they examine the potential that waste management, up-cycling and ecotourism can have on transitioning coastal communities away from exploitative industries, whilst improving health, creating employment opportunities and protecting the ocean in perpetuity.

They are proud to be independent, non-partisan, and non-denominational. Over 95% of their work is undertaken by volunteers and they pride themselves on ensuring transparency in all that they do. Samantha by the Sea is proud to be supporting them through donating $25 from every ‘waves’ ring to assist their vital work in Australia and beyond!


An Introduction

Samantha Smith

I’ve always been besotted with gemstones & silver jewellery. Growing up in Hampshire, England, my favourite place in the world was always the Greenwich Market in London, where I’d spend my time admiring the work of the artisans, spend all my pocket money on rings and tumbled stones, daydreaming about one day having my own market stall of treasures.

After catching the travel bug from an early age and many years of wandering the World, I’m now based, by the Sea, in beautiful Byron Bay. Don’t get my wrong, I still travel at any given moment, but I’ve recently learned that I can be just as happy ‘stuck’ in one place!

My first professional jewellery making experience came in the Cook Islands, where I was kindly given a private tutorial by a wonderful local jeweller and made my very own black pearl ring. My passion grew from there. Since that day, I’ve taken part in workshops around the Byron area, set up my own studio and spend lots of my free time practising silversmith techniques. I am absolutely in love with making rings and pendants for people all over the world and can’t wipe the huge smile off my face when I see how happy my pieces make my lovely customers.

When I’m not creating ‘magic’ in my workshop (I like to call it that because I don’t like conventional job titles!), I’ll probably be lost in nature, somewhere. The ocean is a huge part of my life, as it is with many of yours. The beach is my ‘happy place’ and I adore exploring the underwater world; snorkelling, scuba diving and freediving with graceful and funny looking underwater creatures. The ocean can be a quite daunting; it used to absolutely terrify me if I’m honest! But like anything, understanding it a little bit more brings a curiosity to know more and a stunning new perspective, casting out fear. In my opinion, the ocean brings healing through all of the senses. I truly believe it has a powerful effect on the mind, body and soul; prompting the theme for Samantha By The Sea. 

Samantha By The Sea is here to remind you of those precious moments both in the Sea and by the Sea and when we are far away, or need a little extra support, we can wear calming blues or mermaid shades on our hands and our hearts, to remind us of the healing energy the Ocean brings to us and our planet.