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We are the dreamers,
the healers, the artists.
Hopelessly in love with the world;
We are free.
Creating magic from the Earth,
With inspiration,
from the Sea and the Sky.
We are human;
With curious minds and gypsy souls.
We wander in blue.

Meet The Team


Meet The Team

Samantha By The Sea prides itself on being a daydream inspired small business, created with love and shared with people from
all over our World.

Samantha feels very grateful for having such a special team behind the scenes, helping Samantha By The Sea be the best it can be.



Samantha is obsessed with travel, beautiful crystals and exploring the world under the waves. When she's not busy creating magic at her work bench, you'll probably find her catching a plane somewhere, pretending she's a mermaid or simply enjoying a cuppa with her friends. She’s a certified Reiki Master and a fully qualified Crystal Dreaming Practitioner.

She would like to share her light, knowledge and passion for healing and personal growth to inspire and empower each individual to rediscover their magic and follow their unique path in life.

Samantha's favourite gemstones are Labradorite (the Stone of Magic) and Emerald (a Gemini’s good luck charm!)

Her favourite place to wander is anywhere she hasn’t already explored.

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Tom has been an important member of the team from day one. He is especially great at spreadsheet formulas, putting equipment together, drilling holes in silver, making the best cups of tea and supporting Samantha through thick and thin. To top it off, Tom is a wonderful husband and excellent travelling companion!

Tom's crystals of choice are Rainbow Fluorite and Tigers Eye.

His favourite place to wander is Sri Lanka; more specifically, the incredible scenic train journey from Kandy to Ella!



Sarah is another important Samantha By The Sea team member. Not only has she been Samantha's best friend and role model for twenty eight years, she also makes each individual Samantha By The Sea jewellery bag by hand from recycled cotton tote bags. Each bag is beautifully unique and made with love in the UK. When she’s not busy creating our gorgeous bags, she’s either at the pottery wheel or handcrafting beeswax wraps for people to use as a plastic free alternative. What a legend!

Sarah's most loved gemstones are Turquoise and Tanzanite.

Her favourite place to wander is Byron Bay, Australia.